Minute with Mark | Episode 6: The After Boil

Posted on September 29, 2017

In our monthly vlog series, Minute With Mark, brewmaster Mark Robertson is tapping into the history of Pensacola Bay Brewery. Follow us on our pursuit of hoppiness as we take you through the brewing process, let you in on a few secrets and share some of our favorite stories from around the brewery! Learn more at pbbrew.com!

Episode 6: The After Boil

In episode 6 of Minute With Mark, you'll meet our brewery's best employee. This guy works for us 24 hours a day and never asks us questions! Crazy, right? And he doesn't even have a brain... in fact, he's a very adaptable, single-celled organism that goes by the name of yeast! Check out this months' Minute With Mark to learn more about our buddy, yeast, and what happens after the boil!

Also, if you're out and about at the Pensacola Seafood Festival this weekend in downtown Pensacola, stop in and try our Oktoberfest on tap, a traditional Marzen style lager, malt forward with a hint of hops!