Minute With Mark | Episode 5: The Boil

Posted on August 25, 2017

In our monthly vlog series, Minute With Mark, brewmaster Mark Robertson is tapping into the history of Pensacola Bay Brewery. Follow us on our pursuit of hoppiness as we take you through the brewing process, let you in on a few secrets and share some of our favorite stories from around the brewery! Learn more at pbbrew.com!

Episode 5: The Boil

Boiling does more than just sterilize the brew. Hops introduced to boiling water will begin to break down — which alters the composition of the acids within the hops and releases a bitterness into the beer. Hops added to the boil to lend bitterness are called early hop additions, while hops added later in the boil lend flavor and aroma to the brew. During the boiling process, if we didn’t add hops to the boil, we would probably make a sickly sweet beverage that would get you a buzz but probably wouldn’t taste very good. At PBB, we’ll tell you the ingredients and hops we use in our beers. But, we won’t tell you what the ratios are or the specific times we add the hops! Check out this months’ Minute With Mark to learn more about the boiling process of brewing!