Minute With Mark | Episode 4: The Lauter

Posted on July 28, 2017

In our monthly vlog series, Minute With Mark, brewmaster Mark Robertson is tapping into the history of Pensacola Bay Brewery. Follow us on our pursuit of hoppiness as we take you through the brewing process, let you in on a few secrets and share some of our favorite stories from around the brewery! Learn more at pbbrew.com!

Episode 4: The Lauter

In this month's episode, we're going to continue the brewing process with The Lauter. Lautering is the method brewers use to separate the sweet wort from the mash. Mark is no German linguist, but he knows just what to do with German terminology to brew a good, drinkable beer! Check out Mark's tips on the Lauter process here in episode 4 of Minute With Mark!

If you're hanging out with us this weekend, stop in on Sunday for a cold brew and live music from Bear With Me from 2-6pm!